MacBook Air - Errors after update, Recording Desktop fails but recording Web Tab works just fine.



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    Adam Rummelhart

    Hi Grant,

    Thank you for being a long time user of Screencastify! My first thought is because you are on a Mac, and because you can record a browser tab you may just need to reenable screen recording in your system settings. 🤔 You can follow these steps below: 

    1. Navigate to System Preferences
    2. Select Security & Privacy
    3. On the far right, select Privacy
    4. On the left, select Screen Recording
    5. Check the box to the left of Google Chrome 

    If that doesn't fix the issue do you mind filling out a support ticket? One of our support team members will be able to investigate this further. 🧐 

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    Stacey Colaco

    I'm having the same problem. Where you able to get it fixed? If so please let me know what you did. I followed the directions above, however, I can not choose google chrome to turn on screen recording the box to select google chrome is grayed out.

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    Zoe Hulme

    If the area is greyed out you need to click on the lock icon on the bottom left of that particular box to unlock it which will then allow you to click the Google Chrome option and then it will work.  It did for me :)

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    Mr. Moore

    I having the same issue!  I did the above and sill getting a "oops" no recording.  

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    Katie Callahan

    Hi Mr. Moore, 

    If you are running macOS Big Sur or Monterey, please update to the latest version of Google Chrome. Then follow the steps in this article to re-enable screen recording: Failed to Start Desktop Recording on macOS Monterey

    If that doesn't resolve the issue for you, please submit a support ticket. Thanks! 


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