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    Adam Rummelhart

    Hi there, 👋

    It looks like some of your teachers may just need to reconnect to their Google Drive. Please have them click on the Screencastify icon and then follow the steps below. 

    1. Click on the blue "Sign in with Google" button. You can sign in with any Google-based account. (If you are signed into your browser with multiple accounts, please choose the one you would like to sync with Screencastify.)
    2. Choose your Google Account and allow access to your Google Drive files and folders so we can add your Screencastify videos directly to your Google Drive.
    3. Choose that you agree with our Terms and Privacy Policy, and you can choose to receive occasional emails with features and updates. 
    4. Tell us a bit about yourself:
      • Are you a student, teacher, administrator, business professional, or none of the above?
      • If you are a teacher, which grade level(s) do you teach?
      • Are you 13 or older, or under 13? 

    Happy screencasting! 🎥👨‍🏫

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