Possible to add images to the timeline




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    Adam Rummelhart

    Hi Charlie,

    Thats such a great idea. Currently we cannot add images. I have passed this feedback along to our production and engineering teams-we definitely appreciate any feedback and suggestions you have to improve what we offer. I am excited to announce we just released the ability add title clips!🎉 Check out this video for a full walkthrough. 

    Happy screencasting! 🎥👨‍🏫


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    Michael O'Shaughnessy

    This would be a nice thing to have... However what you can do is to put your images into a Google Slides presentation then record a Screencast of the presentation.  You can then add it your video in the editor, "slice and dice it", move it to where you need.  It will look like a still image when you export it.


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