Screencastify Submit videos won't load




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    Laura Litton

    Hi Michael

    Thank you for reaching out and I'm so sorry you and your students were experiencing this 😔  There was an issue with Submit on November 18th, and our developers quickly worked to resolve it. You and your students should not have any issues submitting now, and our Status Page will continue showcasing any issues that might happen like this in the future. 

    Please let me know if that helps! 😄


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    Hannah Freude

    I just had this same issue with my students today. Several videos were made and hardly any actually ended up coming through to me. The wheel just spun and the videos never finished submitting. I do not want to have to ask my students to make all new videos, as that took enough time as it was. Is there any way to retrieve those videos they tried to submit that never came through?


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