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    Adam Rummelhart

    Hi Tim,

    Thanks so much for sharing that idea! Currently, we do not have that feature that will allow you to alter your background, but that is a great suggestion! 😎 I have shared it with our engineering team and will keep you updated with our progress.

    In the meantime, we are happy to introduce you to our new  ✨ Blur Tool ✨ The Blur Tool in Screencastify Edit allows you to blur anything on screen with just one click. You can also blur multiple spots in your video with this tool. This would be a great way to blur out distractions in the background of your videos.​

    To learn how to get started blurring, please check out our Blur tutorial here! ⚡️ If you have any further questions, please reach back out!

    Happy screencasting! 🎥👨‍🏫

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