Screencastify lists my webcam but it does not capture me at all.



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    Adam Rummelhart

    Hi Sue, 👋

    Would you mind testing your webcam on this online test site and let me know if it’s working properly there? This will help me determine if the issue is happening whenever Chrome accesses your webcam or if it’s specific to Screencastify.

    If it doesn't work, that means that Chrome is unable to access your webcam in totality. When this is the case, you may need to check your system settings. Here's a quick video that details that process. If you're still having issues after deploying that fix, something bigger might be happening on your device.

    We'd recommend trying the steps here, and then reaching out to someone in IT or on the Google team who can help you troubleshoot with your specific device.

    Let me know if that helps! 😊


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